Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog Love.... Post Secret

If you haven't ever checked it out, I recommend you go to

Uh-Mazing stuff right there.....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazer, gettin' down at the Bone, Deep Ellum

This was made by Dulock Productions. Very cool mini video... Check it out!

Lazer, The sons of Rhineland

OK. So, check out this video for the band, Lazer, as they get ready to drop their sophomore album...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Photo-Tuesday

Dave took me to Al's Hamburgers for my first real meal after my oral surgery. It was so damn good. I had a mouthgasm. Thanks, Dave! Love you!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Photo-Thursday

I couldn't help myself. I took two photos today. I usually do not say this, but I am ready for Fall. Can it just be Fall all Winter? Because I hate Winter. Period.Anyways.. On to the photos. Glad its almost the weekend. I need the rest. Ha.

Can you believe that my T-Stat says 111 degrees?! I can't I was thinking holy hell... Well that's how hot it is in Texas, so you Yankees need to shut the hell up. It’s not that hot up there. Stop being babies. :0) Just kidding... I know we all act stupid when it snows down here, so you're entitled to bitch a bit.

This is the nasty mouthwash I have to use twice a day... bleh. I cannot wait to get these stitches out and get my life back to normal. I know I am being a baby, but oh well.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

I am terrified of the dentist... but alas, it was time to have my wisdom teeth removed. They have been giving me trouble for a while now, and I just finally got the courage to take care of it... Along with the fact that my mouth was super sore and killing me on Monday morning when I woke up... I have taken a few photos of the experience of not being able to eat. Its killing me because everything looks super tasty because I can't have it...

I was awake for the procedure. They had me take a sedative and then they gave me laughing gas. I remember the entire thing. Even when he started drilling. I asked for my teeth back and they obliged. I am glad I got it over with and I cant wait to get these stitches OUT!

Loved seeing this!


Fat cheeks... :0(


All I have been eating...

And I have been drinking lots of yummy homemade smoothies!

I can't wait until I can eat one of these! I really want one bad!!!
Denny's Chicken Sandwich


Daily Photo- Wednesday


YUP, Davy is a word... :0)

Daily Photo[Belated]-Tuesday


The swelling is starting to go down... I guess...LOL

Daily Photo [Belated] Monday

This is an embarrassing photo, but this is what happened on Monday. I had  semi-emergency oral surgery. Yup, they removed all 4 of my wisdom teeth... I will do a separate post in a while on that... for now, here is the picture of me leaving the dentist's office....


Daily Photo [Belated]Sunday

We went to Canton on Sunday, so I took several photos this day to show all of the neat stuff we saw. Plus, I wanted to be able to share it with Dave.

Breakfast at Denny's first


Awesome cool shades


Our basket with the cooler and our purses


I really wanted to get one of these to replace the one my mom accidentally broke. She was pretty upset about it because it had been my grandmothers... I will keep looking. This one seemed a bit pricey.


I wanted one of these...


Isn't this purty?


I told her to buy these, but she didn't listen...


Ha, this guy...


Ashley and her new friend... haha


And look how HOT it was!!

Daily Photo [Belated] Saturday


Love this song. I listened to this on the way to Sam's birthday party!!

friday favorites

Yummy shot!! [Patron]

Daily Photo [Behind and Belated] Thursday

I have been a bit absent from here because I had oral surgery on Monday. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I was awake! Ahhhh! Pictures to come. Embarrassing ones... anywho, picking up where I left off, here is the photo for Thursday...


Dave's bands played at The Cavern.. It was fun times. Made for a sleepy Friday at work...