Monday, May 19, 2014

Life as of Late

WOW! What a crazy almost 10 months this has been! Having a Little One just sucks up all of your free time. (Not that I mind)

I miss blogging (not that I did it religiously before, but still...) I would like to get back on a more regular blogging schedule. 

June is such a joy to have. I never knew how much fun it would be to have a daughter. I mean, I thought I knew. It's just so amazing. Every day we get to watch her learn something new. Every day she amazes us. 

She is crawling all over the place, pulling up on the furniture and walking around it. She says 'Mama', 'Dada', 'bye, bye', and if you ask her what Muttley (our dog) says, she says 'ruff, ruff.' She can even kind of meow when you ask her what a cat says. She is just so damn smart. 

We had to sleep train her, which really only took 2 nights. Her pediatrician didn't think we should give her a bottle every time she cried in the middle of the night. We are all much happier (and more well rested). Her pedi also recommended that we start feeding her more of what we are eating except for (shellfish, nuts and dairy). She LOVES food. Mostly everything we give her. She really loves rice and beans. I like to give her really lean unseasoned meats (like ground turkey and chicken breast) and black beans. She seems to like veggies the most, which is awesome!

We have started planning her first birthday party. I can't believe it's only in about 2 months! We don't want to do anything too big, but I would like to make some decorations and stuff.

Now enjoy some pictures of my sweetie boo baby. 

IMG_6321Good morning! #babyspam #dailyjuneaveryIMG_6373IMG_6385

Friday, November 22, 2013

Life Lately [image heavy, duh]

I am finally getting into the groove of being a working mama. June and I have a great routine down. I really think that is the key to keeping your sanity, even if you are a SAHM. June is such a joy, especially in the morning. She is definitely a morning person. When I get her out of her crib, she is grinning from ear to ear. She has the best smile. I cannot wait for Christmas. I think June will be a great age (5 months) and will love ripping open packages and just soaking it all in. I am hoping to get her photo taken with Santa this weekend. She is quickly learning how to grab and hold things and put them in her mouth. She LOVES tummy time now. She usually wakes up at least once a night to eat, but we don’t mind at all. She really is the light of my life. I never knew that being a mama could be so great. I haven't posted on here as much as I planned to, but hopefully, that will change... Now for some BABY SPAM!!!

I take sooo many photos of this little cutie. I feel the need to document everything. Maybe I am a little OCD?
Daddy and Mama took a quick trip to the fair one Monday night, I think it was the last week it was open. If you know our story, we got engaged on the top of the Ferris wheel, The Texas Star. IMG_6126
June made a new friend, Jane. CUTE OVERLOAD.
We love Halloween around here...
I can't.
Stolen from Daddy's Instagram feed
Sunday afternoon naps.
I laugh out loud every time I look at this.
I went to Six Flags with Sam and her brother. Before we got there, we decided to go to our favorite place to eat in Arlington, Gyros House. Before we even stepped inside, we realized we left the keys in the car. (Sam was driving her husband's car). A stranger and a cook helped us get back inside by breaking into the car. This lunch was somehow more delicious after everything we went through to get it. I also treated myself to some baklava!
As you can see, we didn't ride much. We were there for like 5 hours and rode 4 things. Stupid people in line. IMG_6517IMG_6535
June and I also did our first lake skate together. She slept most of the time (lazy) but I got a good workout in! I had an older lady call me a 'progressive mom' and I got several thumbs up from cyclists and whatnot. It was fun and I need to make time to do more lake skates.IMG_6509IMG_6516
June turned 3 months. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!
June was a ghost for Halloween. I made her costume. (proud) We didn't take her trick-or-treating, but we will next year!
I turned 28! OMG.
We celebrated with Sam, Ashley and Luke at Primos and The Flying Saucer. Very chill night. thanks for the crappy pic, babe...
more Photoshoots with June...
This happened. 
Dave turned 29!!!!

I think that's a good catch-up. Maybe for now on, I will blog more. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel
OhFeelYa  has inspired me to blog some of my recipes here again. I try to make a yummy dinner every Sunday night, since I have most of the day to spend in the kitchen, if I so please.
Lately, I have been building my recipe book up, because I want to start cooking more again. When I say recipe book, I am referring to a three ring binder that I has a collection of recipes that I have gathered over the years. I use tabs to separate different types of foods, etc. and it has really come in handy. I can write notes on the recipes if I want to, and I can easily copy them for friends or family. I love my recipe binder!
Anyways, back to the schnitzel. I LOVE schnitzel, but traditionally, it's made with pork. I like it better with chicken. I adapted my recipe from Bon Appetit.

4 4-ounce skinless, boneless chicken breasts, pounded to 1/8-inch thickness
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 cup all-purpose flour (for dredging)
2-3 large eggs
1-2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
2 cups (or more) whole wheat (or regular) panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)--I just made my own bread crumbs by toasting pieces of bread and then throwing them into my food processor. You could also use a blender
2-4 tablespoons canola oil, divided
2-4 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided--I used salted, because YUM (duh)
Chopped flat-leaf parsley-- you don't need this unless you want to make your shit look fancy (garnish)
Lemon wedges--These really bring out the flavor of the chicken in my opinion

Step by Step Instructions:
I started with 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I pounded them out using my metal meat tenderizer. I first used the spikey side, but I recommend using the smoother side. If you don't have one of these (I didn't realize I did) you could probably get creative and use whatever... Maybe a hammer... (with wax or parchment paper in between the hammer and chicken) whatever. Pound that chicken out to a thickness of about 1/8th of an inch. I did this and man, were those breasts huge after that! (I crack myself up). I ended up cutting each breast in half after the pounding and ended up with 8 decent sized pieces of chicken to work with.

Put your flour on a plate. (Get ready for your counter and everything on it to get messy.)
Beat eggs and Dijon mustard in a shallow dish. If you ended up with more chicken like I did, you may need more egg and Dijon. Adjust accordingly.

Put your bread crumbs or Panko (lazy) in another shallow dish. Again, depending on how much chicken you end up with, you may need more bread crumbs as well.
Start with 1 chicken breast at a time, dredge it in flour, and make sure to shake off the excess, then onto the egg mixture, turning to coat evenly; slap it into your bread crumbs and press them into the chicken gently to get them to stick. Make sure to coat both sides well. Transfer chicken to prepared baking sheet. Repeat with all of your chicken. I think it's important to mention that when I do this, I always use one hand for the dipping. I want to make sure one of my hands is clean so I can turn on the water to clean the dirty hand (it will get dirty and bread crummy).  You may also need to scratch your nose and who wants to get raw egg on their face? You could use tongs I guess, if you’re a wuss.

Heat 1 Tbsp. oil and 1 Tbsp. butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat (pan should be large enough to hold 2 breasts). Add 2 chicken breasts to skillet and cook until golden brown on both sides, 8-10 minutes. I also cut mine open and check the center to make sure they are cooked thoroughly. Who wants Salmonella (ain't nobody got time fo dat!)
Transfer chicken breasts to a plate with paper towels and season with salt. (optional) Repeat this process with each chicken breast. When you are ready to serve your tasty chicken, transfer breasts to plates and garnish each with parsley (fancy) and a lemon wedge. I eat mine with a full squirt of lemon juice because, it's so damn delicious.

This chicken could go well with many sides. Mashed potatoes, potato salad, (any kind of potato really) coleslaw, mixed veggies, and homemade dinner rolls (if you're fancy and have time).

I made roasted potatoes. They are very easy to make. I like easy. I used one potato for each person eating. Washed them and then cut them into wedges. I put them in a large bowl that has a lid. I drizzled about 2 tablespoons of canola oil (I was out of olive oil) into the bowl and added a pinch each of the following: garlic powder, oregano, ground sage and Tony Chachere Seasoning. You can easily adapt this to whatever you like, I just grabbed things out of my spice cabinet that sounded good together. Sprinkle all of these in the bowl of potato wedges and put the lid on it. Shake it up. Make sure the wedges are evenly coated. Put them on a baking sheet and cook them for about 20-25 minutes at 425°. Check them periodically and make sure you aren't burning them... Once they are soft enough to cut with a fork, they are done.

I also made fresh green beans with garlic and butter. This was the easiest thing on the menu. Just get some fresh green beans, (I had to use the Green Giant ones in a bag because the dumb store was out of the regular fresh ones) and put them in a pot of water with minced garlic and about 2 tablespoons of butter. Make sure the water covers the green beans. I cooked these while cooking everything else. I kept them at the lowest heat and stirred them occasionally. You don't have to watch these very hard and you could add bacon to them if you wanted to make them more flavorable. (fattening). They are done when you say so (when they are soft, but not too soft.)

And that's it. We had TONS of leftovers even though we had my mother-in-law over for dinner. We all left the table satisfied.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Reading: I just finished reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. I am in between books, but I am kind of reading Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange is the New Black. Of course, I watched the entire first season in 2 days while on maternity leave, but whatevs. 

Eating: Salads and more healthy foods. Still trying to slim down a bit after Baby June. I know it's only been 3 months, but it is way hard to find time to exercise right now... Especially since I am not getting any roller derby exercise a few times a week. I need to get into a better routine. 

Thinking about: Halloween. I started June's costume and I think it will be pretty cute. I got the idea from Pinterest, and I think it was a costume someone was selling on Etsy, but it looked so easy, I didn't see the need to spend $60 on it. ;)

Enjoying: Being a new mama. The joys and challenges that come with that. Returning to work has really had me missing my little gal. I really wish that I could be a SAHM, maybe run my sometimes photo business on the side... Maybe that is something that could happen in the future. 

Watching: The Walking Dead (duh), Boardwalk Empire, Grey's Anatomy, and Scandal. AND OMG. PORTLANDIA. 

Loving: This fall weather. It really sucked being pregnant in the summer in Texas. So thankful for cooler weather and the fun activities that autumn brings.  

Inspiration for this post from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet

June's First Pumpkin Patch Adventure

We are so thankful that it is finally cooling off here in Texas... Even if that means we are getting bookoos of rain. A couple of weeks ago, June and I went with her Grammy, Aunt Brittany, Uncle James and Cousin Jamie to The Arboretum. They have the BEST pumpkin patch around. I really wanted to do a ton of photos of June there, but she wasn't feeling it at all. I got what I could and Grammy took some too. (Thanks, Grammy!) June decided that she wanted to sleep most of the time we were there. Next year, she will be more into it. Here are some of my favorite shots.

IMG_5839IMG_5878IMG_5875IMG_5874IMG_5866IMG_5859IMG_5858IMG_5857It's here. Finally. Thank goodness. #fallintexas

We can't wait for Halloween!